The WashU Community Engagement Office, located at the Delmar DivINe, embodies WashU’s commitment to bridging connections with our surrounding community. This vibrant space is dedicated to fostering collaboration and building meaningful relationships.

Anchor teams

The WashU Community Engagement Office is home to three anchor teams representing efforts throughout the university, including:

St. Louis Initiatives team, Office of the Chancellor

Chancellor Martin has designated the St. Louis Initiatives team as WashU’s primary liaison to community leaders and key institutions in the St. Louis region. Serving as a “front door” to WashU, the team collaborates with university stakeholders to facilitate partnerships and connect the community with WashU.

Center for Community Health Partnership and Research

The Center for Community Health Partnership & Research (CCHPR) is a joint entity supported by the Washington University’s Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences and the Institute for Public Health. The mission of the CCHPR is to reduce disparities and improve health and wellness in the region by fostering meaningful engagement between communities and researchers.

St. Louis Confluence Collaborative for Community-Engaged Research, Teaching and Practice (joining in Summer 2024)

Housed within the Office of the Provost, the Confluence Collaborative will serve as an organizing platform and convening unit for community-engaged research, teaching and practice across WashU, with St. Louis needs at the forefront.

Visit us at Delmar DivINe

Founded by WashU trustee emeritus Maxine Clark, the Delmar DivINe maximizes the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of the nonprofit sector in the St. Louis region, especially among health, education and human service organizations, while simultaneously being a catalyst for the transformation of neighborhoods in North St. Louis City.

WashU Community Engagement Office

  • Delmar DivINe, Suite A100 
    5501 Delmar Blvd. 
    St. Louis, MO 63112 

The Delmar DivINe has evolved into exactly what I envisioned: a welcoming space where groups and community members come together to tackle challenges.

Maxine Clark, founder of Delmar DivINe