At the heart of “In St. Louis, For St. Louis” is a commitment to serve our community as a dedicated partner with a steadfast focus on creating a more vibrant and equitable region for all. Our strategic framework includes three areas:

Contribute to a more vibrant and equitable region

through our operations and strategic partnerships

Our dedication to elevating the vibrancy of our region extends to thoughtfully chosen operational strategies that back the local neighborhoods, businesses, organizations and cultural institutions that contribute to St. Louis’s excellence. Through purposeful partnerships, cooperative efforts and active community engagement, we will further enhance the liveliness, security and economic well-being of our community. 

Attract and retain exceptional talent in St. Louis

through our unique position as a global talent magnet

We will fuel inclusive economic growth in our region by motivating incoming students, faculty and administrators to establish St. Louis as their chosen home. This commitment capitalizes on the university’s unique capacity to attract remarkable individuals for education and work, generating a vibrant influx of talent within our local community. Our strategy includes creating meaningful avenues for civic involvement, nurturing a culture of exploration across the St. Louis region, fostering connection to this community and actively forging connections between our students and potential employers, thus catalyzing successful careers right within our region.

Enrich the quality of life in our region and beyond

through our mission of research, education, and patient care

Through our core mission, we will actively serve our community as a deeply engaged partner, aiming to elevate the quality of life for residents of St. Louis. The solutions we co-create alongside local residents can be scaled globally, while our international initiatives will in turn enrich practices within our region and country.

“When I came to St. Louis in 2018, seeing the interesting neighborhoods and historical buildings got me curious about the microbial life in the buildings and in the water. To address that question, we needed to work with the people of St. Louis. 

Fangqiong Ling, Assistant Professor, McKelvey School of Engineering